Facial Filler for Lower Lid and Cheek Junction and the Treatment of Tear Troughs

A common sign of facial ageing is the appearance of dark shadows under the eyes, emphasised by the development of a groove between the lower lid and the upper cheek. Commonly known as the tear trough, this is the result of sagging of the facial tissues and loss of fat in the mid-face area. Patients at our London aesthetic clinic often complain that it makes them look tired and older than they feel.

 The appearance of tear troughs can be greatly improved with the use of temporary hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, but it is a challenging area to treat successfully so choosing a highly experienced and expert practitioner is a must to avoid overfilling the area or leaving noticeable irregularities.

At Clarence Clinic we use the gold standard of temporary hyaluronic acid facial fillers. They come in a variety of consistencies, depending on the area that is to be treated and we use the very finest, softest filler for the delicate eye area.

A series of injections are made along the juncture of the lower lid and cheek area, placing very small volumes of the dermal filler directly onto the underlying bone. To avoid overfilling or irregularities, we often perform this treatment over two sessions.

Treatment of the tear troughs is often planned as part of an overall treatment of the mid-face area with facial fillers, restoring more youthful and refreshed contours for a subtle rejuvenation.


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