We all tend to get scars at some point in our lives; however, scars that are the result of medical treatment or traumatic injury can cause embarrassment and lead to raiding your nearest makeup counter for a quick cover-up. If trawling through drawers of foundation shades holds no appeal, then we have a simple surgical solution to offer that won’t wash off in the rain.

What will affect the type of scar revision procedure I have?

There are a few factors we will need to discuss with you during your in-depth consultation – this will allow us to select the most appropriate scar revision method for you and your desired results. Considerations include:

  • The size of the scar
  • The location of the scar
  • The character of the scar
  • Reason for treatment (for example, is the scar causing you a physical problem or are you upset by its appearance?)

What should I expect for this type of treatment?

For this procedure, the old scar will be removed using one of the numerous cosmetic techniques, with the area then being repaired. The treatment is performed using a local anaesthesia, so won’t be too time-consuming for you. You also shouldn’t experience too much pain after the operation, which is another plus point.

What is the recovery process?

Your sutures will usually be removed after four to six days if the procedure was carried out on the face. It will be longer (seven to 10 days) if the treatment was performed on another part of the body. You may find that dissolving sutures were used to avoid stitch marks so make sure to check this with your surgeon – these are more commonly used on the trunk area and your limbs. Stitch marks are less likely to appear on your face as they are removed so early.

After your procedure, you should expect your new scar to initially be red. The fading process will take between six to 24 months depending on the location of your scar as well as your skin type.

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