For some, opting for breast implants or a breast uplift procedure seems like a drastic measure when they only want to make a few small changes to their breast size. For these women, a breast fat transfer treatment could make the tweaks they need without the need to undergo a serious surgical operation.

What is breast fat transfer?

Breast fat transfer is a minimally invasive procedure that provides a very subtle change in breast size, adding shape and volume to enhance your chest. The procedure involves removing fat pockets from other parts of your body and then using this fat to fill out the breast area, creating a natural yet fuller look. Fat is usually taken from your legs or abdomen, so this can also be a handy procedure if you have stubborn areas of fatty tissue in these areas.

What does the procedure involve?

Your breast fat transfer will start with liposuction, which extracts the necessary amounts of fat from your chosen body part. This is usually performed under a local anaesthetic so it doesn’t require you to stay in hospital at all. Next, the fat is refined before being carefully injected back into the breast, giving you additional definition and volume.

Is breast fat transfer suitable for me?

This treatment is based on removing fat from other areas of your body so that it can be reused in your breasts – if you are naturally very slim or you have a low body mass, then it can be difficult to obtain the fat required to carry out the procedure. This would be something to discuss with your surgeon during an in-depth consultation. You should also check whether this procedure would be suitable for your needs – if you want a larger enhancement, then breast implants may be a better choice.

What will my recovery be like?

Your recovery will be much quicker than all other breast enhancement surgery as both parts of the breast fat transfer process can be performed under local anaesthetic and the methods used are not very invasive. Saying this, there will be some bruising and swelling so we recommend that you wait one to two weeks before you go back to the gym.

What should I expect?

Breast fat transfer will only produce a small enhancement to your breast size, so if you would prefer a more distinct or larger size than you have currently, then you may want to consider a breast enhancement procedure instead to get your desired result. One plus point with this treatment is that there is virtually no scarring, as the incisions are very small – between 1-2mm each. You also won’t need any further treatments such as replacement operations as the fat will stay in place for life.

Advantages Disadvantages
Uses your own body tissue rather than implants Not suitable for everyone (eg, slim women)
Very small amounts of scarring Breast shape isn’t changed
Considered a ‘natural’ procedure Only adds modest amount to breasts

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