A breast asymmetry procedure is a very personalised operation as it depends entirely on your individual situation and how your breasts differ from each other.  This style of operation looks to correct any differences in size and shape between your breasts, to ensure they are as symmetrical as possible. Although striving for identical breasts is an unrealistic aim, this procedure will still be able to match your breasts well, whether this means making one breast larger using an implant, making a breast smaller or maybe just performing a breast uplift to amend the shape.

What are the different techniques that could be used in my procedure?

There are a variety of operations that can be used to make your breasts have a more symmetrical appearance. These include:

  • Augmentation of the smaller breast
  • Reduction of the larger breast
  • Breast implants or expanders as needed
  • Breast uplift

You may require a combination of procedures, but that’s fine too. A thorough consultation with your surgeon will reveal exactly what treatments would work best to suit your needs and goals. The operations used will depend on how different your breasts are and how marked the degree of difference is with regards to size and shape. Your surgeon will be able to offer constructive advice after an examination.

What should I expect for the recovery?

The procedure will be performed using a general anaesthetic, so an overnight stay is required. Your dressings will be changed after one week; however, you should keep to wearing a sports bra for at least six weeks post-op. You can return to work after two weeks and your gym routine can be picked up after about a month.

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