For many men, the nose is a stand out facial feature that contributes heavily to appearance. Being unhappy with your nose – whether you dislike the shape or size – can weigh heavily on your confidence and make you feel awkward in social scenarios. With your nose greatly defining your concept of attractiveness and how you feel about yourself, wishing to make amendments or tweaks is all too common.

How can I change my nose using surgery?

The procedure you will need to alter your nose will be a rhinoplasty, more commonly referred to as a ‘nose job’. This surgical treatment can consist of a number of different rhinoplasty techniques; however, the goal of all nose reshaping operations is to produce a nose of optimal size and shape in relation to the rest of your face. We work to create a nose that suits you completely and looks natural with the rest of your features.

A thorough consultation will be essential in establishing exactly what techniques will meet your needs. The exact requirements and type of procedure will vary greatly between individuals, so each of your options will be presented by your surgeon after a careful examination and a detailed discussion about your goals.


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Example of men’s Rhinoplasty (nose job) at The Clarence Clinic
Below you can view our patient pre-op and post-op. We performed a Rhinoplasty to give a slimmer tip, and smoother, straighter profile.

Note: Individual results may vary.





What is the recovery like for this procedure?

Requiring an overnight stay, this operation is performed using general anaesthetic. After the procedure, you will need to wear a nasal splint for between seven to 10 days and you should also expect some swelling, although this will usually settle over several weeks. The most obvious swelling dwindles relatively quickly but it can take a few months for all of the swelling to abate completely, especially around the tip of the nose. Your final result should be fully apparent after several months of recovery.

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