You may not have considered facial fat grafting as an option for your surgery, however, this is a great cosmetic procedure that works to restore volume to your facial features, providing a much more youthful look. Performed either by itself or in conjunction with a facelift, facial fat grafting involves using fat from other areas of your body and then injecting it into specific areas on your face.

How does this procedure work?

During this operation, fat is harvested from other areas of your body – the main source used is your abdomen although other body parts can also be used. Following processing, your fat is then injected into a number of different areas around your face to help re-contour the shape of your face. Facial fat grafting not only gives you back volume, but it can also improve the quality and tone of your overlying skin, filling out facial and frown lines. This treatment is great for tackling the signs of ageing in men.

What areas can you have this procedure on?

Common areas that are treated include:

  • Reshaping the mid-face and cheeks
  • Restoring or increasing lip volume
  • Filling in nasolabial folds (the lines between your nose and mouth)
  • Filling in lines around the chin and the corners of your mouth

What is the recovery like for this treatment?

Facial fat grafting is performed using a general anaesthetic and will include an overnight stay. You may experience some redness, bruising and swelling, however, this will usually resolve quite quickly and you should be back to normal within a couple of weeks.

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