A well-defined chin is often a status symbol among men, so a chin augmentation procedure could really work wonders – not only on your confidence, but also in giving you the clear cut jawline and face shape that you want. Normally used alongside a rhinoplasty (nose job), these treatments help to improve the balance of your facial skeleton and adjust the general look of your facial appearance. A chin augmentation is a particularly common operation for men who have a significant chin recession and wish to create more balance in their features.

What does the procedure involve?

This procedure will involve using a chin implant to improve the shape and size of your chin. During a thorough consultation, we will have already established the size and shape of the implant to be used, so the procedure begins with a small incision in the skin crease below the chin – this is the pocket where the implant will go, attaching to the front of the jawbone. A small fixing device may also be used to help secure the implant in place; but this cannot be seen through your skin.

What is the recovery like?

The operation is performed using a general anaesthetic, so you may need to stay at the hospital overnight. Although the recovery times for this treatment can vary quite a bit, we advise that you avoid strenuous activity for the first four to six weeks post-op.

What implant is used?

Available in a range of sizes or as a block that can be sculpted, the implants used for chin augmentation – also called genioplasty – are usually made from solid silicone and Medpore.

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