A thigh lift is a useful cosmetic operation that tightens and lifts any loose skin found around the inner thigh area. Tackling sagging skin, this procedure is most commonly undertaken by men who have lost a significant amount of weight and now want their body shape and contour to match their new physique. Often, a thigh lift will be performed in conjunction with a liposuction procedure – this deals with any excess fat that may remain in the thigh area.

What does the procedure involve?

The procedure will involve liposuction to remove any residual fat; however, the bulk of the operation will be the removal of unnecessary skin, using a discrete incision along the groin crease. In more extensive cases where a lot of excess skin needs to be removed, then we will also need to use an incision that runs down the thigh itself, usually ending near the knee. We usually place this on your inner thigh to ensure your scarring stays as hidden and unobtrusive as possible.

You can combine this operation with an abdominoplasty and other body contouring procedures if you prefer.

What is the recovery for this procedure like?

The operation is carried out using a general anaesthetic, so an overnight stay will be required. You may find that drainage tubes are left in while you are in hospital, as this helps to remove any extra fluid from your thighs. Your dressings will be changed after about a week and you may also be given elasticated garments to help support your new thigh shape. Although your overall recovery time will depend on the extent of your procedure, it will normally take around two weeks for your wounds to heal and approximately four to six weeks before you can resume your usual activities.

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