Protect your investment: how to look after your facelift

facelift results

With anything you purchase, the better you look after it, the longer it will last and the principle is true for cosmetic surgery. There are some simple steps that can be taken when you have undergone procedures such as a facelift that will ensure that the work you have had done will last for as […]

Half of all women want to ‘turn back the clock’ and male cosmetic surgery on the rise

male cosmetic surgery growth

Market research is pivotal across all industries to ensure that they keep up with the expectations, needs and wants of the current and prospective customers. The world of cosmetic surgery is no different, and research is constantly helping the industry ensure it is keeping up to date with the latest trends and requirements. Women not […]

How to minimise the risk in cosmetic surgery

minimising cosmetic surgery risk

The vast majority of cosmetic surgery procedures are elective – people have chosen to have them rather than require them due a genuine medical need. They are growing in popularity and have been for many years and so many of these procedures are now regarded as commonplace. It can sometimes be easy to forget that […]

Communication and care are important factors alongside results in positive cosmetic surgery reviews

positive cosmetic surgery reviews

We are all very accustomed to reading, and providing, reviews when we have experienced any form of service. Trip Advisor was one of the first companies to really elevate the importance of showcasing what others thought of the experiences they had paid for and giving others the chance to read firsthand about the pros and […]

The many uses of anti-wrinkle injections

uses of anti-wrinkle injections

Anti-wrinkle injections have become synonymous with eradicating wrinkles and continues to be the most requested anti-ageing treatment around the world. Anti-wrinkle injections use a neurotoxic protein that prevents the release of neurotransmitters that cause the muscles to relax and contract. Put simply, when injected it results in temporary paralysis of the muscles below the surface, […]

What is the ribbon zone and why should it be the focus of anti-ageing treatment?

facial ageing concerns

Most of us may not have heard of the ‘ribbon zone’ as it is a term that’s been recently created by a Korean skincare brand to denote the area of the face under the eyes, around the cheeks and down the sides of the mouth. This is the area they believe is where most of […]