Social media selfies driving facial cosmetic surgery

facial cosmetic surgery in selfies

Social media is all around us; from our phone and tablets, to computers and laptops, from articles in newspapers and reports in the news, we are constantly interacting with images and posts from social media. Most of us also choose to actively engage with at least one social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter or […]

The latest cosmetic surgery craze: belly button surgery

belly button surgery

There are few areas of the body that you can’t nip, tuck, tweak or smooth, but the latest cosmetic surgery trend focuses on a body part that typically receives less attention… the belly button. Thanks in part to social media and its effect on the perceptions of perfection, the humble belly button can now be […]

What happens if your weight fluctuates after a tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck can help those who are struggling to shift excess fat from the abdominal region or who have found that they have an abundance of loose skin, from significant weight loss, the natural ageing process or multiple pregnancies. The tummy tuck procedure is well known and has helped many people achieve a smoother, […]

Tummy tuck vs lipo? Which is the best option for me?

If you’re unhappy with the girth and/or appearance of your abdominal region and have reached the furthest you can go with diet and exercise, then it may be time to consider surgical options. There are three main options that can be considered to help smooth out and firm up your tummy: • Tummy tuck • […]