What are the risks of a labiaplasty?

labiaplasty risks

It is important for patients to understand the risks associated with any cosmetic procedure, some of which will be relatively safe while others carry significant risk. For those considering a labiaplasty, this procedure sits at the relatively safe end of the spectrum, as it is considered one of the simplest and safest surgical cosmetic procedures […]

How best to recover from a labiaplasty

labiaplasty recovery

The labiaplasty procedure is fast growing in popularity, but many women who are interested in finding out more about what it entails are naturally concerned with the recovery process after such intimate surgery. During a labiaplasty, also known as a labial reduction, our plastic surgeon will reshape and/or resize the appearance of the inner labia […]

RealSelf release 2018 aesthetics trend including most researched cosmetic surgery ops

most researched cosmetic surgery procedures

Leading cosmetic surgery review site RealSelf has released its round-up of the most researched procedures, both surgical and non-surgical, in 2018 and also made some predictions for upcoming trends. Non-surgical aesthetic treatments are continuing to grow in popularity but interest in cosmetic surgery remains high. Here, we take a look at the most researched cosmetic […]

Nearly 1,000 complaints about botched aesthetic procedures lodged last year

facial fillers

According to a new report published by HuffPost UK, in the past year alone there have been over one thousand complaints made in the UK as a result of Botox and filler treatments that have caused problems for patients who have opted for these procedures. The results have been complied by an organisation called Save […]

Latest global cosmetic surgery statistics released

cosmetic surgery statistics

We are seeing a year on year upwards trend in the number of consumers who are opting for cosmetic surgery procedures, and this year is no exception. New figures that have been published by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) show that there has been another global increase in uptake of cosmetic surgery. […]

Millennials driving interest in cosmetic surgery, according to new poll

interest in cosmetic surgery

Results from a new online survey conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of RealSelf, have identified that two-fifths of UK adults are considering some form of cosmetic treatment over the next year or so. The poll, which was undertaken amongst a sample of over 1000 adults aged 18 and above, was conducted in July 2018 […]


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