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Cosmetic surgery boom linked to age discrimination

The cosmetic surgery industry has been steadily growing for decades, with many different factors influencing people’s choice to get some surgical assistance to make themselves look and feel better. Many of the reasons for wishing to have cosmetic surgery are personally motivated and we as professionals hope that these are borne from a desire to […]

Survey identifies what drives women to improve body shape

Motivation is an interesting thing and something that can be very personal. Let’s take working, for example, some people need to be under pressure with a looming deadline to feel motivated enough to really pull out the stops and deliver what is required, whereas that is someone else’s idea of a poorly planned nightmare. Achieving […]

The male facelift: men more likeable and trustworthy after facial surgery

Cosmetic surgery journal JAMA reported recently that men who choose to have cosmetic surgery are recipients of much warmer, positive reactions from others, compared with those who hadn’t made surgical enhancements to their facial features. This research was undertaken amongst a very small sample, just 24 men with an average age of 49 were consulted. […]

Wimbledon winner expounds breast reduction benefits

The 2019 Wimbledon winner, Simona Halep, has opened up about the benefits of breast reduction surgery. The tennis star claims her breast reduction op helped her to win this year’s biggest tennis tournament. The Romanian star had a 34DD chest, which she felt was getting in the way of her progress on the court. So, […]

Social media means greater openness towards cosmetic surgery

Social media offers an instant peek into people’s lives; a chance to see what they are thinking, what they are wearing, how they have done their make-up, what they plan to purchase – and it’s not just ordinary people either, it is a chance to get a very real perspective on what celebrities are up […]

Is it possible to prevent capsular contracture?

No operation is ever entirely risk-free and complications can occur no matter how skilled the surgeon is, simply because it is impossible to predict how someone will respond to surgery. The physiological differences affect how quickly they heal and also affects how likely they are to develop complications following surgery. Scarring after surgery is particularly […]

Am I a good candidate for a breast uplift?

For women who are unhappy with the size, shape, look or feel of their breasts, there are a number of cosmetic breast procedures that are designed to help. Women often have a preconception about how they would like their breasts to look and if they are not meeting these expectations it can lead to confidence […]

Cosmetic clinics urged to screen for mental health problems before offering cosmetic treatments

Anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers are popular procedures and are readily available in clinics across the UK. As these procedures are deemed ‘non-surgical’ or ‘minimally-invasive’, the eligibility criteria are quite relaxed, with many people being regarded as suitable to choose to have this type of cosmetic work done. This is all set to change, with […]