Cosmetic surgery boom linked to age discrimination

anti-ageing surgery

The cosmetic surgery industry has been steadily growing for decades, with many different factors influencing people’s choice to get some surgical assistance to make themselves look and feel better. Many of the reasons for wishing to have cosmetic surgery are personally motivated and we as professionals hope that these are borne from a desire to improve body confidence for personal reasons. Interestingly, though, in July 2019, the Aesthetic Surgery Journal reported a link between age discrimination and the desire to have cosmetic surgery.

The study, undertaken by the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, “surveyed 50 patients at a University of Pennsylvania plastic surgery clinic over a one-year period. The participants were all over age 18 and mostly women.” The findings at this stage are being treated as preliminary, owing to the small amount of data currently available, but they suggest an apparent link between the desire to have cosmetic surgery and a feeling that you are being unfairly treated as a result of your age.

According to Dermatology Times, there are two beliefs that underpin the reason this study was conducted and these are as follows:

  1. Ageism increases the risk for psychological distress and problems with physical health.
  2. Many cosmetic patients seek anti-ageing surgery

Questions explored patients’ experiences of discrimination and also how they felt that their age affected them in a variety of different settings, including the workplace, friendships, more general interactions, romantic relationships and in relation to their health and wellbeing. The survey went on to cover patients’ anticipation of ageism and also asked them to rate themselves in terms of their own health and how they regarded their own self-confidence.

Report authors revealed that “Our survey found that over 30% of participants reported that they had been treated with less courtesy or respect than others, received poor service in a restaurant or store, or had other discriminatory experiences because of their age.” Not only that, others felt that people in a customer-facing environment were also guilty of making them feel uncomfortable about their age, with “many patients also reported perceiving ageism in their interpersonal relationships, such as by being excluded by others or teased or mocked due to age.”

Age discrimination and anti-ageing surgery

Despite an apparent link between age discrimination and cosmetic surgery in this study, the authors agree that more work is done to see whether this pattern is seen elsewhere or whether specific to this cohort. Additionally, researchers would like to explore the levels of satisfaction patients went on to garner from having the procedures they felt age discrimination contributed towards them choosing.

Facial rejuvenation surgery, such as the facelift, neck lift or eyelid lift, can produce fantastic patient satisfaction, as they can restore a more youthful, rested appearance. To find out more about the anti-ageing procedures we offer at Clarence Clinic, call 020 7118 6887 to arrange a consultation.