Survey identifies what drives women to improve body shape

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Motivation is an interesting thing and something that can be very personal. Let’s take working, for example, some people need to be under pressure with a looming deadline to feel motivated enough to really pull out the stops and deliver what is required, whereas that is someone else’s idea of a poorly planned nightmare.

Achieving your desired body shape is another interesting one, what is it that really drives women to make a step change to try and alter how their bodies look? Cynosure, a body contouring surgery technology company, wanted to know just what motivates women to get their bodies into better shape, and so commissioned a survey to get to the heart of this.

Factors most likely to motivate…

The researchers consulted with 1,000 women in the UK and the primary factor that made women sit up and pledge to do something about their body shape was seeing an unflattering photograph of themselves. A whopping 50% of the sample said this would be the thing most likely to trigger them to do something about how they look.

Following that, one-third of those surveyed suggested that fitting back into clothes that had become too tight or too unflattering would motivate them. Many of us can relate to the favourite pair of jeans or another item of clothing that has been reluctantly retired to the back of the wardrobe as it is uncomfortably tight at the moment.

Just shy of one in ten of the sample cited getting back into shape following childbirth as a trigger to start addressing negative perceptions of one’s own body shape.

And to a lesser extent…

One in twenty of the sample claimed that a divorce or relationship breakdown would motivate them to pull out the stops and show your ex what they are missing out on. Less than 5% of women surveyed suggested that if their friends were busy exercising this would encourage them to join in, and interestingly, just 2% claim they would be motivated by seeing how celebrities and role models in the media are shaping up.

Fat reduction and body contouring surgery options available

For many of us, diet and exercise will take us so far but then we will get to a point where the good work plateaus and it becomes increasingly difficult to achieve the shape we want or once had. Stubborn pockets of fat can appear to become more tenacious, and the balance of calories to exercise seems out of kilter. If that sounds familiar, then there are options such as liposuction and body contouring surgery that could offer the extra push required.

Liposuction extracts stubborn fatty pockets from under the skin, giving a smoother and firmer appearance. Body contouring surgery is also popular, as it offers procedures such as a tummy tuck, a thigh lift and removal of excess, saggy skin from problem areas such as the midriff.

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