The male facelift: men more likeable and trustworthy after facial surgery

male facelift

Cosmetic surgery journal JAMA reported recently that men who choose to have cosmetic surgery are recipients of much warmer, positive reactions from others, compared with those who hadn’t made surgical enhancements to their facial features.

This research was undertaken amongst a very small sample, just 24 men with an average age of 49 were consulted. Each of the men in the study had undergone facial cosmetic surgery and had footed the bill themselves. Nevertheless, the findings of this study were very interesting, concluding that “men who have cosmetic surgery on their faces can appear more attractive, likeable, trustworthy, and as if they have better social skills.”

The type of procedures the men had chosen included:

  • brow lifts
  • facelifts
  • chin implants
  • neck lifts
  • upper or lower eyelids reductions
  • nose reshaping

Photos of the men were shown to a panel of respondents, all of whom were aged between 25 and 34. They were then asked to rate a variety of different personality traits that they believed the men would possess, such as “how attractive, aggressive, extroverted, likeable, risk-seeking, sociable, masculine and trustworthy the men seemed”.

Male facelift vs female facial aesthetic surgery

It is interesting how the results of a male facelift can affect how strangers are likely to perceive them. It is also interesting to note that the effectiveness of facial cosmetic surgery procedures can differ for men and women. Men’s faces are structurally somewhat different from women’s, and what they are hoping to achieve usually differs also. Not only that, women’s skin is thinner than men’s which can make it harder for a surgeon to work with.

The desired outcomes also vary, with men often wanting to achieve a stronger, more defined appearance, while women are more likely to want softer features, but with enhanced areas such as cheekbones and lips.

Regardless of the subtleties of what they are looking for, all patients who choose facial surgery around middle-age tend to wish to restore a more firm and youthful appearance to their face and neck. Not only this, the uptake of these different procedures is growing year on year, with higher demand than ever before seen by men.

No longer are men just accepting middle-age spread and softening features, they are proactively seeking to address these issues and are ready to embrace the male facelift.