Ministry of Defence funds tummy tucks and male breast reduction ops for troops

male breast reduction

New figures obtained by the Freedom of Information laws has revealed that the Ministry of Defence has spent thousands of pounds on cosmetic surgery procedures for its troops. Tummy tucks and male breast reduction were among two of the most common procedures carried out.

Officials have claimed these procedures were necessary to allow the troops to best carry out their jobs. So, why are troops having cosmetic surgery procedures funded for them and why might they need them to carry out their jobs?

Troops undergoing cosmetic surgery is nothing new

Although the recent figures released have shocked members of the public, it isn’t actually anything new. The Ministry of Defence has been funding cosmetic procedures for many years now. It was reported back in 2012 that the military was funding breast reduction procedures.

However, officials have been quick to point out that the procedures are never done purely for cosmetic purposes. They are instead funded to ensure the troops can carry out their jobs effectively.

Which cosmetic surgery ops do our soldiers most commonly undergo?

The latest figures show that the most common procedures troops undergo in terms of how much money was spent in the past year in the military, include:

  • Tummy tucks – £19,285 for both male and female troops
  • Breast reductions – £16,430 for male troops and £15,730 for female troops
  • Rhinoplasty – £8,990
  • Muscle Relaxing Injections – £4,883

Other procedures troops have undergone in the past year include tattoo removal and liposuction.

Why are the procedures being funded?

Officials originally claimed the procedures are funded in order to help troops carry out their jobs effectively. However, when it was revealed in 2012 the extent of the funding provided to cover cosmetic procedures in the military, officials claimed it was to help troops fit into their gear. However, they since backtracked on the statement, saying military outfits come in a range of sizes.

So, the reasons behind the funding to allow troops to undergo numerous procedures isn’t clear. However, they have been quick to point out that it isn’t for purely cosmetic purposes. There are many reasons why cosmetic surgery might be funded by the Ministry of Defence.

Although many are largely considered cosmetic, undergoing a procedure can help to boost confidence. This is something that would be important for troops, giving them more confidence in their abilities.

Not everyone is supportive of the fact the Ministry of Defence is providing cosmetic surgery ops at the taxpayer’s expense. There is some speculation it is being provided as more troops than ever before are failing their physical tests. Cosmetic surgery is, therefore, being used as a quick fix to get the troops in better shape.

While cosmetic surgery can have a lot of benefits, it is very important it isn’t used as an alternative to a healthy diet and exercise. If it is being used to improve mental health, it may also be a bad idea to undergo a procedure. Going under the knife to boost your confidence is great, but if it is being used to treat more serious mental health conditions, it could make the situation worse. This needs to be considered before deciding whether or not cosmetic surgery is right for you.