Social media means greater openness towards cosmetic surgery

social media and cosmetic surgery

Social media offers an instant peek into people’s lives; a chance to see what they are thinking, what they are wearing, how they have done their make-up, what they plan to purchase – and it’s not just ordinary people either, it is a chance to get a very real perspective on what celebrities are up to as well.

The images are not always what they seem though. Very few of us will upload a bad picture of ourselves or one shot from an unflattering angle. Not only that, the ease of applying filters to pictures has caught like wildfire, so many of us will also experiment with what we look like with bigger eyes, a smaller nose, more defined cheekbones and so on.

Social media and cosmetic surgery acceptance

As a result of this, research suggests we are getting more and more used to seeing enhanced features, and our acceptance of undertaking these procedures is increasing as a result. Research published recently in Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) suggests that “users of certain social networks and photo editing apps were more accepting of cosmetic surgery generally, and more likely to consider getting plastic surgery themselves.”

Some platforms are more influential than others

Interestingly, users of some popular social media platforms were more likely than others to show greater acceptance of these procedures and also lean more towards having cosmetic surgery themselves. Those who tended to use Tinder, Snapchat and Snapchat filters indicted the greatest warmth to cosmetic surgery and were most likely to suggest they might go down that route in the future.

What this means for those wishing to undergo cosmetic surgery

It’s fascinating to see the impact social media has on the way we think, act and conduct ourselves, and the things which we value. Social media platforms undoubtedly help promote lifestyles and life choices, all of which can be seen in the choices we then go on to make in our own lives.

When starting on a cosmetic surgery journey, surgeons will want to talk to patients about what they wish to get from their chosen procedure(s), what has influenced their decision and what they are motivated by.

Although influences from social media are unavoidable, it is important to maintain a level-headed sense of perspective regarding what is achievable and how the outcomes might make you feel. Although many will take what they see online with a pinch of salt, there are others who are struggling to live up to what they are seeing as the online reality, “doctors say affected youths are depressed that their natural look does not measure up to the airbrushed version.”

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