Am I a good candidate for a breast uplift?

good candidate for a breast uplift

For women who are unhappy with the size, shape, look or feel of their breasts, there are a number of cosmetic breast procedures that are designed to help. Women often have a preconception about how they would like their breasts to look and if they are not meeting these expectations it can lead to confidence issues and low self-esteem.

One of these procedures is breast lift surgery which is a surgical procedure also known as a mastopexy. The operation lifts the breast tissue and the nipple and also takes away excess skin. The breasts are reshaped after the procedure and sometimes this operation is conducted alongside a breast enhancement surgery where implants are inserted as part of the reshaping process.

This is not always the case though it depends on the volume of the breast and the look that the patient is hoping to achieve. Breast lift surgery is typically sought by women who have gained and lost a significant amount of weight, who have had multiple pregnancies with breastfeeding, or whose breasts are naturally lower than they feel they would like them to be.

Who would be a good candidate for a breast up020 7118 6887lift?

The first thing to say about suitability for a breast lift is that it depends entirely on how you feel and how comfortable you are with your own breasts. There is no such thing as a ‘normal’ shape and size; breasts come in all shapes and sizes and each woman’s breasts are unique. The real question is whether you feel unhappy with your own breasts, because if you do then there are definitely options that can be explored to make you feel happier about your appearance.

Another factor that affects the suitability for a breast lift operation is generally based on where the nipple is located on the breast. If the nipple is situated in line with or above the fold underneath the breast, the breast shape may be acceptable or a breast augmentation should be sufficient to achieve a pert look. If the nipple is now south of that line, for whatever reason, then you are likely to require to be a good candidate for breast lift surgery.

If you have finished having children, you are also regarded as being more suitable for this kind of operation because changes to the breasts through pregnancy and breastfeeding means that if you choose to have this type of operation before you have finished your family then the work done by surgeons may alter throughout the course of future pregnancies.

Next steps to consider

If you feel that breast lift surgery is something that you would like to consider then book an appointment to talk through the options that are available. You may wish to consider a lift in isolation, or you may feel that a lift coupled with implants is the right route for you. Mr Paul Tulley will be able to talk to you about the different options and together you will be able to make the correct choice for you and your body.