Am I a good candidate for labiaplasty surgery?

candidate for labiaplasty

A labiaplasty is a cosmetic procedure that is designed to reduce the size and shape of the labia. There are two reasons women choose to have this type of operation – cosmetic or medical. For some who are considering this procedure, changing the size and shape of the labia can be linked with personal preference and confidence. If they feel the labia looks too big or too long, or is a darker colour than the rest of the skin in that area, a labiaplasty can address these cosmetic concerns and help improve how you feel about it.

For others, there may be discomfort while sitting, exercising or wearing particular clothes, there may be pain during intercourse or when inserting a tampon or even pain when simply walking around. Whatever your concerns, whether these be cosmetic or medical, these are the first indicators that you could be a good candidate to undergo a labiaplasty.

Being in good health

If you tick either box in terms of your motivations for this procedure, it will be time to begin talking with a cosmetic surgeon, and there will be a series of things that they will need to check before agreeing that you are suitable to proceed. They will want to see that you are in a good state of general health as this will help the healing process and reduce the risks of any complications arising after the operation. This does not mean you need to be at the peak of physical fitness, but what they will want to see if that you look after yourself, undertake a reasonable amount of exercise and eat a balanced and varied diet.

It is also important that you don’t have any other serious medical conditions that could affect what is needed to carry out the operation or could affect your body’s ability to heal afterwards. Any pre-existing medical conditions need to be discussed up front so that your surgeon can be fully aware of your medical history.

Age and maturity

Another factor to consider is your age. This procedure isn’t suitable to this who are under 18, your body must have stopped growing/developing before you consider a procedure like this. Surgeons will also want to be reassured about your expectations from the operation. Ideally, you’ll have given this plenty of thought and thoroughly researched what to expect and where you want to have it done. You must also be choosing this operation for the right reasons.

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