Will I be left with visible labiaplasty scars?

labiaplasty scars

It is important to be mentally prepared ahead of any cosmetic surgery procedure, and part of that involves understanding what the area will look like once the surgery has been completed and the body has fully healed. An important pre-surgery question that patients should be asking their surgeon about is the amount of scarring that will be left after the surgical site has healed, so we explore what the answer is for patients who are choosing to have a labiaplasty.

Small operation, low risk of visible labiaplasty scars

The good news is that compared with some of the more invasive or larger-scale operations, a labiaplasty is a small, quick procedure so the risk of scarring is small. The incisions that are required are often very small, so the body does not need to work excessively hard to heal from a labiaplasty operation.

Two different surgical approaches

It is important to understand that there are two ways that surgeons can perform labiaplasty operations, and the healing for these is slightly different. Some will use a straight line incision, commonly known as a trim labiaplasty, which means that the scar is around the edge of the labia. The other technique is known as a wedge approach, which leaves a scar through the centre of the labia and a little bit to the side. Talk to your surgeon fully at the consultation stage to ensure you understand which approach is best for you and how you can expect the area to look afterwards.

Time is a great healer

Over time, the scars should fade so they are almost unnoticeable – even to you. Although they will be red to begin with, over time the redness fades and the scars become white. You would have to really scrutinise the area to see the scars.

If you’re worried about labiaplasty scars…

If you are concerned about the appearance of scars following your operation then the first thing you can do is to apply hypoallergenic lotion or creams that are designed to help scars fade/heal. Scar tissue takes a while to fully mature so you could expect that the scars will continue to fade over the course of the first year. If you have any concerns though, don’t hesitate to get back in touch with your plastic surgeon to get an expert opinion on how quickly and effectively the area is healing.