Top 5 questions to ask at your labiaplasty consultation

London labiaplasty consultation

All cosmetic surgery procedures begin with a consultation and this is an important opportunity for you to ask plenty of questions. The best advice is to come to your consultation fully prepared, having read around the subject, spoken to friends and/or family and prepared a list of questions.

The list is a good idea because it is very easy to forget your questions once you get into the consultation and begin talking about all the different aspects of your chosen procedure. For patients who are considering this surgery, here are some of the most commonly asked questions at the labiaplasty consultation.

Labiaplasty consultation questions: Is this operation right for me?

Ultimately, only you can really decide whether or not a labiaplasty is the right thing for you, but there are two things that your plastic surgeon will want to assess before agreeing to undertake the surgery. Firstly, a physical assessment will be done to check the current state of the labia and to check the elasticity of the skin surrounding it. This is important to establish that patients will likely heal as required and that their skin will be able to accommodate the changes.

Secondly, they will wish to undertake a check whether you’re approaching surgery with the appropriate outlook. This will involve checking the reasons you wish to have the operation, your expectations of the area once it is done and your expectations about how you think it will make you feel afterwards.

Labiaplasty consultation questions: How long will it take to recover?

A labiaplasty is a relatively simple surgical procedure an as long as you are prepared to follow the aftercare instructions carefully you should expect to heal fully in a few weeks. Bruising and swelling usually heals within a week or two. It is important to note that given how delicate the area is you should refrain from having sex for several weeks to give the area enough time to heal fully.

Labiaplasty consultation questions: How much experience do you have in performing this procedure?

Don’t be afraid to probe your plastic surgeon about their experience; they should be happy to reassure you and to detail how many procedures of this type they perform a year.

Labiaplasty consultation questions: Will I be left with scars afterwards?

This is an important thing to discuss but you would expect to hear that scarring will be minimal. Any operation requiring an incision will leave some form of scar tissue, but the incisions made for a labiaplasty are minimal and the skin tends to heal quickly and effectively.

Labiaplasty consultation questions: What type of anaesthesia is used?

This is a useful discussion to have to ensure you are prepared for what will happen on the day. Typically, a local anaesthetic (one that is administered directly to the area rather than the patient being put to sleep) is used as the area that is being operated on is small and external.

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