What are the risks of a labiaplasty?

labiaplasty risks

It is important for patients to understand the risks associated with any cosmetic procedure, some of which will be relatively safe while others carry significant risk. For those considering a labiaplasty, this procedure sits at the relatively safe end of the spectrum, as it is considered one of the simplest and safest surgical cosmetic procedures that women can undertake. This means that those opting for this type of operation tend to report high satisfaction with their surgery following the initial period of recovery.

Nevertheless, as no cosmetic procedure is 100% risk-free, here we outline the risks that are associated with choosing to have a labiaplasty.

Labiaplasty risks: problems with healing 

As you might expect, for any operation whereby incisions are made, there is always going to be a risk that the wound fails to heal, and can bleed excessively, struggle to heal or become infected. This area of the body benefits from a rich blood supply which means that incisions made during the labiaplasty usually heal extremely quickly and leave very little scarring.

Post-operatively, patients are given information on how best to aid their recovery, and some clear dos and don’ts. Following these guidelines is the easiest way to ensure you’re minimising your own risk, but sometimes you will just be unlucky. There are always going to be certain pockets of the population who are naturally at greater risk compared with others, for example, those who smoke are more likely to have problems when recovering/healing compared with non-smokers.

Labiaplasty risks: pain and discomfort

Some patients report that there is discomfort at the site of the incisions, although this is rarely a problem. Scarring from a labiaplasty is minimal as incisions are usually very small.

Labiaplasty risks: loss of sensation or numbness in the area

This is a surprisingly common side effect for a wide number of operations as anything that requires an incision runs the risk of causing a certain amount of nerve damage. For many operations, even major surgery, this loss of sensation is usually temporary. As the wound and nerves heal over time, sensation will return. Any numbness following a labiaplasty will probably be short term and minimal.

Trust the professionals – only the professionals

It is important to remember that operations such as the labiaplasty are only low risk when they are carried out by fully trained and regulated professionals. It is imperative that you make sure that you only ever consider using a qualified cosmetic surgeon, not a clinic or alternative environment which promises something cheaper or quicker, but who are not bona fide medical professionals.