How best to recover from a labiaplasty

labiaplasty recovery

The labiaplasty procedure is fast growing in popularity, but many women who are interested in finding out more about what it entails are naturally concerned with the recovery process after such intimate surgery.

During a labiaplasty, also known as a labial reduction, our plastic surgeon will reshape and/or resize the appearance of the inner labia or labia minora. It is typically performed under a short general anaesthetic as a day case so you will be discharged the same day all being well. Here’s a general guide to your recovery process once you return home, although every patient can have a slightly different experience.

Labiaplasty recovery: immediately after surgery

In the first few days after surgery, you should experience some mild pain and discomfort, but this should be easily controlled by the over-the-counter pain medication. There will also be moderate swelling and bruising to the area.

One side might feel more swollen than the other and you may experience discomfort when urinating, but this shouldn’t be a cause for concern. You may see ‘spotting’ which is blood from the incisions – a small amount of spotting immediately afterwards is fine, but excessive or continual bleeding isn’t and you should get in touch with the clinic immediately.

Our advice at Clarence Clinic is to rest well during those first two to three days and minimise walking.

Labiaplasty recovery: one to two weeks after surgery

Most patients find that they no longer require pain medication now and although there may still be some swelling and bruising, you should be able to resume normal physical activity and can return to work if you don’t have a particularly strenuous job.

The area may feel itchy as the incisions heal but it is essential that you don’t rub or scratch the area and you may want to use a cold compress to ease any discomfort, although don’t apply ice directly to your skin. We also advise you to wear clothes and underwear that is loose fitting for the first few weeks.

Labiaplasty recovery: up to a month after surgery

Our plastic surgeon uses dissolvable stitches and these should have all dissolved. You’ll have been seen by our plastic surgeon for a check-up to ensure all is healing well and he can advise you on when you can resume more active exercise.

Labiaplasty recovery: six weeks after surgery and onwards

You should be almost fully healed at this point and you can resume sexual intercourse and use tampons safely. By four to six months, all swelling and bruising will have completely disappeared and you can see the final results. Any scarring is usually well hidden in the naturally-occurring folds and creases.

If you have any further questions about the labiaplasty procedure, please call us on 020 7118 6887 to arrange a consultation.