RealSelf release 2018 aesthetics trend including most researched cosmetic surgery ops

most researched cosmetic surgery procedures

Leading cosmetic surgery review site RealSelf has released its round-up of the most researched procedures, both surgical and non-surgical, in 2018 and also made some predictions for upcoming trends. Non-surgical aesthetic treatments are continuing to grow in popularity but interest in cosmetic surgery remains high.

Here, we take a look at the most researched cosmetic surgery ops last year:

#1 Breast Augmentation

As always, breast augmentation with implants remains the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure both in the UK and worldwide. It appeals to a wide range of women – from younger women who have always been dissatisfied with their breast size to older women that have seen a loss of volume after pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight fluctuations.

#2 Tummy Tuck

The tummy tuck or abdominoplasty remains a highly popular procedure because, despite the surge in interest in non-surgical fat reduction treatments, only a surgical procedure can remove sagging, excess skin or tighten abdominal muscles that have become lax because of weight gain or pregnancy.

#3 Brazilian Butt Lift

It’s probably no surprise that the Brazilian Butt Lift, a relatively ‘new’ procedure, is so high on the list of most researched cosmetic surgery ops. On the one hand, we have Instagram and reality stars flaunting a body shape only achievable through surgery and, on the other, 2018 saw a number of stories of women dying after undergoing a Brazilian Butt Lift at a plastic surgery clinic abroad. Our advice is to consult a properly trained, qualified and experienced plastic surgeon as they will be able to advise you on whether this is an appropriate procedure for you as well as perform the procedure safely.

#4 Rhinoplasty

A rhinoplasty procedure can reshape or resize your nose so it is more in balance with your other facial features. Non-surgical nose reshaping using dermal fillers is becoming very popular although many patients decide afterwards that they’d like to undergo rhinoplasty surgery to produce a permanent enhancement. A surgical procedure can also improve nasal function which a non-surgical procedure can’t.

#5 Liposuction

Despite the growth in ‘minimally invasive’ fat reduction procedure such as cryolipolysis, liposuction still remains popular. Non-surgical alternatives to liposuction work by destroying the fat cells and then relying on the body’s natural elimination processes, whereas during liposuction, the fat is removed through a suction device. There are more potential risks associated with liposuction, but it can remove more fat in one session. The potential benefits and risks of liposuction will be discussed in full during your consultation. 

#6 Eyelid Surgery

Known as a blepharoplasty, an eyelid lift can remove sagging, excess skin on either the upper or lower lid as well as address bulges of fatty tissue below the eye. The eyes are often the first area of the face to show the signs of ageing and a blepharoplasty remains a fantastically effective facial rejuvenation procedure.

#7 Breast Reduction

For women suffering from overly large breasts for their frame, a breast reduction can have a hugely positive impact on quality of life. During the procedure, excess breast tissue will be removed and the breasts will be reshaped and repositioned. The nipples can also be repositioned on the breasts and made smaller if required. 

#8 Mommy Makeover

A Mommy Makeover is a term popularised by the media to cover cosmetic surgery procedures to improve the appearance of the body after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Typically, it involves a breast lift and a tummy tuck and our plastic surgeon can advise you on whether this is the appropriate combination of procedures to achieve the improvement you’re hoping for.

#9 Facelift

For men and women with mild to moderate facial ageing, non-surgical aesthetic treatments, such as injectables or laser skin rejuvenation, can be a fantastic way to target lines and wrinkles and restore volume loss. However, for patients that have more advanced ageing concerns, a facelift will often be the best option.

#10 Breast Lift

The last procedure on the list is another cosmetic breast surgery procedure. The breast lift or mastopexy addresses sagging or ptosis of the breasts and your surgeon will reshape and reposition the breasts to produce a more youthful and pert appearance.

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