Latest global cosmetic surgery statistics released

cosmetic surgery statistics

We are seeing a year on year upwards trend in the number of consumers who are opting for cosmetic surgery procedures, and this year is no exception. New figures that have been published by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) show that there has been another global increase in uptake of cosmetic surgery.

The results have been compiled from a survey distributed to around 35,000 plastic surgeons held within the ISAPS’ database and is the only global study of its kind currently undertaken.

Cosmetic surgery procedures maintaining popularity

Interestingly, the procedures that top the ranks in terms of overall uptake remain consistent, with breast augmentation retaining the top spot, liposuction in second place and eyelid surgery coming in third. Reflecting the growing interest in non-surgical procedures, facial injectables such as Botox remain the most sought-after temporary procedure.

Growing in popularity

Vaginal procedures continue to see a marked increase in interest, with the report indicating that, “in 2017, Vaginal Rejuvenation (including Labiaplasty) showed the largest increase in the number of procedures from 2016, with a 23% increase.”

This is also a trend seen here in the UK, with surgeons reporting a continued interest in labiaplasty procedures each year. This is a relatively newer cosmetic surgery procedure, one that is designed to change the size, shape and aesthetics of the labia. this could mean that it improves the overall symmetry of the labia, reduces it in size or removes darker coloured skin from the area. This was previously recommended if the labia were causing women discomfort, but increasingly is being sought for cosmetic reasons.

Who is driving these cosmetic surgery trends?

The countries with the greatest share of the cosmetic surgery industry are, in order:

  1. USA
  2. Brazil
  3. Japan
  4. Mexico
  5. Italy

Across these five countries, they account for a whopping 38.4% of the total market share. Interestingly, women still account for over three-quarters of the global demand for cosmetic surgery but the uptake from men is continuing to grow each year. Men are typically seeking different types of procedures, compared with women, in fact, the top three procedures requested by men, according to the ISAPS survey data, are eyelid surgery, male breast reduction and nose jobs.