How quickly will I recover from a labiaplasty?

labiaplasty recovery

A labiaplasty is a cosmetic surgery technique which changes the appearance of the folds of the skin that surround the vulva. There are two parts of the labia – the labia minora and the labia majora, both of which (or either) can be altered as part of the procedure. The operation is usually chosen to reduce the size of the labia, either because it is felt to be unsightly or because it causes pain or discomfort.

What to expect from the labiaplasty recovery phase

As far as cosmetic surgery procedures go, a labiaplasty is relatively straightforward and is typically an outpatient operation. In terms of recovery, the pelvic area will be most uncomfortable in the first 72 hours following the operation and, in addition to taking regular painkillers, you may wish to wrap ice in a towel and use this to soothe the area and to help reduce swelling. It’s important to remember that this is a sensitive area of the body anyway, so it is very normal to find that it sore after this kind of procedure.

It is generally recommended that you should wait 48 hours before taking a shower, just to allow the area to begin healing. Generally speaking, swelling should have gone down within two weeks after the procedure, and most patients can go back to work after two or three days.

Wearing loose-fitting clothing is recommended so that the area can heal without being rubbed. Loose, cotton underwear is also recommended as this is the most hygienic (compared with other man-made fabrics).

Labiaplasty recovery and returning to exercise

It is advised to refrain from sexual intercourse for at least six weeks to allow the area to heal. Gentle exercise can be resumed after a couple of weeks but anything that puts pressure on the affected area (such as horse riding or mountain biking) should be avoided for around six to eight weeks.

Once the bruising and swelling has gone, most women find that the wounds heal quickly and leave very little scarring. In time, it is often very hard to see where incisions have been made. Some report that this can be as quickly as a few weeks after the operation, whereas others take longer to heal, and it can be serval months.

As with any operation, allow yourself sufficient time to heal and be patient with your body as it adapts to the changes. Mr Paul Tulley will give you advice and guidance about how to heal effectively, so follow this and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you have any concerns about your recovery. If you have further questions about the labiaplasty procedure, call 020 7118 6887 to arrange a consultation at the Clarence Clinic.