Half of all women want to ‘turn back the clock’ and male cosmetic surgery on the rise

male cosmetic surgery growth

Market research is pivotal across all industries to ensure that they keep up with the expectations, needs and wants of the current and prospective customers. The world of cosmetic surgery is no different, and research is constantly helping the industry ensure it is keeping up to date with the latest trends and requirements.

Women not keen to simply accept the ageing process

A recent survey asked 2,000 people what their motivations were for undergoing cosmetic surgery and found that half of the women who took part in the survey claimed they wished to ‘turn back the clock’ to their youth – with many citing their 20s as the golden era that they wished to be able to return to, or replicate, in terms of their appearance.

Women reportedly found that in their mid-late forties they felt that their appearance was letting them down, and they didn’t receive the same interest or attention from the opposite sex as they once had.

Male cosmetic surgery growth

Whereas women were traditionally more likely to take the bull by the horns and do something about this (according to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, 91% of plastic surgery procedures UK in 2017 were for women), men are starting to dabble in this industry more and more, and there has been a marked increase in the amount of interest men have shown in different cosmetic surgery in recent years with figures for male cosmetic surgery procedures going up in the UK.

In the US, this growth is even more marked particularly in the field of body contouring procedures. Statistics show that liposuction for men was up 23%, tummy tucks up 12% and male breast reductions have increased by 30% over the previous year.

With so many people not prepared to ‘age gracefully’, it is clear to see why the cosmetic surgery industry is booming. Not only that, there really is something for everyone. Procedures can start from something extremely simple, for example, some of the non-surgical, temporary fixes can be done in a less than an hour, whereas there is a whole range of cosmetic surgery that can have life-altering benefits for a patient’s self-confidence.