Communication and care are important factors alongside results in positive cosmetic surgery reviews

positive cosmetic surgery reviews

We are all very accustomed to reading, and providing, reviews when we have experienced any form of service. Trip Advisor was one of the first companies to really elevate the importance of showcasing what others thought of the experiences they had paid for and giving others the chance to read firsthand about the pros and cons.

Since then, the prevalence of customer reviews has grown exponentially, and consumers now expect to be able to read reviews from other customers, and regard these as an integral part of the research process when choosing a service provider.

New research study into cosmetic surgery reviews

A new study undertaken ASPS Member Surgeon Dr John Kim of Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and colleagues has taken an original approach toward evaluating cosmetic surgery reviews and the value of online feedback given to cosmetic surgery practices. The study was a ‘content analysis’ exercise which looked at which areas of the cosmetic surgery process featured in the most positive and most negative customer reviews. The results were very interesting and suggest that the outcome of the surgery itself, albeit important, is not the only factor that can leave patient feeling positively or negatively with their experience.

Good customer service is an absolute must

According to analysis undertake by Dr Kim, the dealings that patients (and even prospective patients) have with their surgeons has a huge role to play: “We found that that patients will write negative reviews without ever having had the surgery. It’s not just the aesthetic outcome but also the patient’s interactions with surgeon and staff that provide the impetus for positive or negative reviews.”

Another interesting finding was that those who left the most negative reviews tended to leave much longer reviews. The detail that they included in their review was far more extensive and, subsequently, the overall word count spiralled. This said, good news for the cosmetic surgery industry as a whole, there were significantly more positive reviews (these rating 4 or 5 out of 5 stars) compared with those who were really unhappy (those rating 1 or 2 stars out of 5).

In the most positive reviews, features that were mentioned include (in descending order from most frequently mentioned):

  • cosmetic results
  • good bedside manner
  • friendly/helpful office staff
  • surgeon’s expertise
  • listening to the patient

It’s interesting food for thought that the outcome of the cosmetic procedure, although clearly important, is only one element in a whole host of important factors when people are considering leaving a positive or negative review.