What is the ribbon zone and why should it be the focus of anti-ageing treatment?

facial ageing concerns

Most of us may not have heard of the ‘ribbon zone’ as it is a term that’s been recently created by a Korean skincare brand to denote the area of the face under the eyes, around the cheeks and down the sides of the mouth. This is the area they believe is where most of the signs of facial ageing are located – and, therefore, it is now the focus of different treatments that can help make the effects of ageing less visible.

As we age we lose volume in the midface area and this is the cause of accelerated ageing – flattened cheeks, hollows under the eyes, folds forming between nose and mouth, a downward turn to the mouth and loss of definition on the jawline. This is because over time, fat and collagen cells deplete in number, leaving the skin covering shallower areas. According to researchers, the ribbon zone ‘loses elasticity and plumpness quicker than any other part of the face’ which is why it is prone to showing wrinkles and defects more so than other facial areas.

Anti-ageing creams and regimes may feel like something that many of us will happily embrace as we get much older, however, this new research suggests that the ribbon zone can begin to lose its elasticity from as young as age 30.

How can we best look after the ribbon zone?

There are many creams and moisturisers that can help skin retain moisture, which is a key component for helping preserve your skin’s elasticity and natural buoyancy. Applying creams regularly can help, and there are different creams that can help during the day compared with those that are designed to be applied before bed. Using a day cream that has a sun protection faction (SPF) within it is also advised, as this can help protect against harmful UV rays from the sun which accelerate loss of collagen.

Considering cosmetic surgery alternatives

If you’ve exhausted your creams, lotions and potions and feel that more technical intervention is required to help the appearance of the ribbon zone, there are a variety of options available that are specifically designed to help tackle problems in the ribbon zone.

Facelift – this popular operation focuses on the midface, and it helps reposition tissue, replaces lost volume and produces a more youthful look. The facelift procedure is designed to leave you with the most natural-looking results possible, and the treatment can remove wrinkles, fine lines and spare skin, as well as helping reduce the impact of any lost volume in the cheeks and wider ribbon zone.

Dermal fillers – temporary dermal fillers can restore lost volume as well as fill nasolabial folds (often referred to colloquially as smile or laughter lines) or fill tear troughs.

Muscle relaxing injections – as well as treating dynamic wrinkles in the upper third of the face, muscle relaxing injections can be used to correct a drooping mouth or restore definition in the jawline. Also administered by injection, muscle relaxing injections causes temporary paralysis of the areas under the skin, which can mask the appearance of wrinkles and last for up to four months.

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