What happens if your weight fluctuates after a tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck can help those who are struggling to shift excess fat from the abdominal region or who have found that they have an abundance of loose skin, from significant weight loss, the natural ageing process or multiple pregnancies. The tummy tuck procedure is well known and has helped many people achieve a smoother, firmer abdomen.

Before undergoing this type of procedure, surgeons will recommend that you reach a weight that you are happy with and that you’re not still working towards. The reason for this is that dramatic weight changes following a tummy tuck operation can affect how effective the results are.

What happens if weight creeps back up once the operation has been done?

Gaining a little weight won’t cause major problems following a tummy tuck, so there is no need to worry unduly if you over-indulge on holiday or over Christmas, for example. If you gain a significant amount of weight then this will affect the look of your abdominal region, as the surgery will be tailored to your weight and body mass at the time of the operation.

If you do notice that you’re gaining weight and work to address this reasonably quickly then you’ll soon notice that the results you were seeing post-operatively return. The longer you carry excess weight, the harder it will be to bring your body back to how it looked when you were the weight when the operation was newly undertaken.

If you gain a significant amount of weight then you are at risk of stretching the skin again, which could put you back to square one. Falling pregnant after having had a tummy tuck will undoubtedly affect the operation, so it’s sensible to ensure that your family plans are complete before choosing this type of surgery.

And what if I lose weight?

The same principle applies to weight loss. If you lose a bit of weight then this will not affect the results of the operation, but significant weight loss is not advised. If you begin or continue, to lose weight once you’ve had a procedure like this, your skin can loosen and become less tight/firm.

Losing weight is not as risky as gaining weight when considering your op’s longevity, but neither is ideal and both should be avoided if possible. The best advice following this type of procedure is to maintain a good diet and undertake a sensible amount of exercise to remain fit and healthy while keeping your weight as stable as possible.